Tuesday, March 02, 2021

Empty Cradles of the Brides of Jannah

بسم الله الرحمان الرحيم

My beautiful sister, your face, form or that dark skin
Your appearance is nothing to be ashamed of, its not a sin
Those memories of rejected proposals that break your heart, again and again
Your Creator has a multiplying reward for each of your pain!

Allaah has seen you growing-up with dreamy eyes
Your prayers have been heard and treasured above the skies
HE knows the beating of your heart, that each moment gets more desperate
HE has noticed each tear that begged for a soul-mate...

Did your eyes once shyly see a pious brother? 
 Your heart questioned if he would approach your father?
And it ached when his eyes moved away, not finding you worth sought-after? 
Allaah held your breaking heart and preserved that silent prayer!

HE sees you struggling for a strong hand-hold, a comforting embrace
HE sees you smiling bravely at happy families, blessed by HIS Grace
HE admires your desire to attain motherhood, preserving your chastity, submitting to HIS Laws
HE sees your tears that rock the empty cradle in your heart, nearing menopause!

HE knows the desperation with which you complain in Sujood
You ask HIM why HE did not give you beauty, to please manhood?
Or riches in plenty to satisfy the lust of those hungry for money?
Oh! How you break down telling HIM how difficult HE made your journey! 

Do you know, my sister, the ONE whom you call upon and cry 
HE is All-Powerful, HE only says BE, HE doesn't have to try!
Do you think HE had any less to add to your beauty or riches? 
Do you think HE will lose a drop, by answering your ocean of wishes? 

"I have not created the Jinn and the Mankind, except to worship ME", is what HE says
Be content with HIS creation, be patient with HIS delays
HE has created YOU, and everyone with a purpose 
This Duniya is for HIS service, be obedient during this course.

Submit to HIS Sharee'ah, make modesty your adornment
Make Taqwaa the Libaas that never leaves you for a moment
Cover yourself, my sister, Hijaab makes you beautiful
In fulfilling the rights of your Creator and HIS creations, be always dutiful!

YOU, my sister, are a test for the men of Duniya who reject you
It is The Divine Decree that there is no heart to protect you
It is a blessing for you to attain the nearness of Allaah
While in happy and sad moments, you find solace in Sabr and Salaah! 

May Allaah answer your Duas with a righteous, loving life-partner
Who would also wait for you at the Gate of Jannah, to enter together
May Allaah bless you with cradles filled with His Rahmah, to rock together
And make them a source of elevating your ranks, prayer by prayer.

But, if not in this Duniya, then be assured of a handsome Eternal Companion
Who would find you the most beautiful, and thank Allaah for that union..
May Allaah raise you with the likes of Maryam and Aasiya 
And may you be one of the most beautiful Brides of Jannah (Ameen)

Keep reminding yourself of these beautiful facts, to increase your Eemaan
Allaah was the Creator of Yusuf  (ﷷﷵ), the beauty of Abu Lahab was also HIS plan
HE created Moon-like MUHAMMED (ﷺ), who loved the POOR-BLACK-SLAVE   Bilaal (رضي الله عنه) 
Allaah does not look at wealth and faces, HE looks at deeds and hearts afterall!


Monday, February 01, 2021

... Kar madad k main Sabr karoon

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم 

Ya Jabbaar! Hoke bebas maine jab bhi Tujhe hai Duaon me pukaara
Mere toote tukdon ko Tune hi to kamzor sajdon me sanwaara
Ya Wahhaab! Hai samajh mujhko, magar mere dil ko bhi hidaayat de de
Ke wo samjhe is Duniya-e-faani ko, ye salaahiyat de de

Ya Baseer! Tujhse chupta nahi koi lamha is jahaan ka
Meri khataaon ko dekh kar bhi Tune khola darwaaza Apni panaah ka
Ya Samee! Tu har lamha sunta hai meri har dhadkan ko
Apni Maghfirat me lapeyt de mere har pagalpan ko

Ya Rahmaan! Apni Rehmat se Tune mujhko kabhi door na kiya
Mere gunaahon ko kabhi Tune Apne bandon me mashhoor na kiya
Ya Raheem! Tune kis tarah mujhe hamesha hai Apne paas rakha
Mere gunaahon ko dhakne ke liye Apni Rehmat ka libaas rakha

Ya Ghafoor! Meri bebasi jab Sabr ko todhti hai usey Tu maaf karde
Mere aamaal-naame se har naa-shukri ko Tu saaf karde
Ya Afuwwu! Jis tarah is zameen par Tune bachaaya hai mujhko har zillat se
Jab miloon Tujhse Aasmaanon me, mujhe bachaa lena Apni nafrat se

Ya Rabb! Kar madad meri, ke main is tarah Sabr karoon
Ke lab pe shikaayat na laaun, bas Tera Dhikr karoon
Mere ALLAAH! Meri raahat ki manzil Aakhirat likhde
Mere iss chote-se Sabr ke badle me Apni Jannat likhde... 

Apni Jannat likhde...

(Ameen Ya Rabb)

~ 🖤

Friday, January 01, 2021

Year 2020 - The Divine Teacher

بسم الله الرحمان الرحيم

Look what we just left behind!
A complete year, the strangest of its kind
We had taken for granted the Qur'an - a reprimand
To teach us a lesson, this is what Allaah planned!

HE put a full stop to our plans of advancement
HE caused us to ponder our ways of entertainment 
HE made us introspect our process of development
He taught us that patience is the only healing ointment 

Some lost their loved ones and some lost their wealth
Amidst this Divine strategy we realised the value of good health
While taking precautions against a virus with each breathe
At last we did realise that there is an imminent reality called death!

But Allaah has promised, HE cteated for every ailment a cure
With HIS will, of course, this pandemic will soon end, be sure
This world will once again continue in its efforts to lure
To corrupt our hearts, to make our intetions impure

Oh Slaves of the Almighty! Before you move on further
Turn back and reflect the bygone year for a look another
Those twelve months have moments, each in itself a teacher 
For a succesful purpose of your creation, study them deeper 

The virus of disobedience will always remain prevalent
Take precautions as long as you are alive against this invisible serpent
This virus affects our Duniya - in ways which are so evident
Siraat al-Mustaqeem is the only path to escape eternal torment

That Promised Day is very near, the Day of Standing before Rabb Al-Aalameen
The Day on which the followers will be blessed with the intercession of Rehmat al-lil-Aalameen (ﷺ) 
But that intercession and forgiveness is only for those who strongly believed in this unseen
And lived their lives upon this earth as strangers, wayfayrers they had been

Oh Ummah of Muhammad (ﷺ), understand the uncertainty of this Duniya
Know that the true destination of a Momin is the priceless Firdaus Al-Aala!
Find refuge in the protection of Sharee'ah, find peace in following the Sunnah!
Oh Creations of the Almighty Creator, prepare well for YOUR AAKHIRAH! 


Note: There is no concept of New Year celebration in Islaam (not even the 1st of Muharram), but since we use the calendar and our days and months depend on it, let us try to never forget the year 2020, it was a teacher - what we have learnt defines how wise we are. May Allaah help us to embrace each upcoming breathe in preparation for our Aakhirah. May Allaah bless us with good in this world, which helps us to prepare for the best in our Aakhirah. 

May Allaah be pleased with our deeds and save us from His wrath in Duniya and Aakhirah. 

Rabbanagh fir lee wa li waalidaiyah wa lil moomineena yawma yaqoomul hisaab! 

Ameen ya Allaah!

I am nobody, but a stranger, only a simple wayfarer,
My journey is this life till I reach the Hereafter..
Traveling all along the footsteps of my Teacher
For I have to, in time, reach the destination promised by MY