Thursday, September 27, 2007


She sheds her first tear as a new-born child;
Then she is amused by her mother, who is so mild.

As a pretty, young girl, she is seen crying;
Then her wish is certainly fulfilled by parents, so loving.
Running in the meadows, she often falls and gets hurt;
Cries as it pains, then again plays in the dirt.
Fights and quarrels with playmates, too make her weep;
But, she is with them again, after the sweet sleep.

As a charming young lass often she cries;
But now she is alone, to understand her no one tries.
Now her strange ornament is the salty tear;
Of course, it adds a charm to her beauty dear.
While weeping in loneliness she glances at the mirror;
It admires her charm, but her heart is filled with wonder.

She recalls the moments spent as she desired;
Hiding in mamma's lap when dad fired.
Playing with dad, even under sun and rain;
With her stories and jokes, tiring his brain.
Those bed-time-stories, those good-night-kisses;
Those never-to-be-forgotten fondles and caresses.

The happiness on her parents'faces seeing her kiddish smiles,
Many more like these, with her tears she shares her tales.
Very soon she has to part with her every playmate,
Anxiety embraces her thoughts to meet her soulmate.
The life ahead, different and unknown is calling her;
She has to embrace it, Heaven knows what is befalling her.

Her tears pray to the Almighty for her lifelong happiness;
For loving home and all the strong relations.
Even as a beautiful bride, she has to cry;
As moments pass away, the tears, themselves dry.
She grows nervous as the time to bid farewell arrives;
She tries to stop the time, to hold each moment she strives.

But, this was destined and now she has to leave her sweet home;
Wiping her tears, she heads happily towards her dream home.
New hopes and dreams, of strange kind, shelter in her heart find;
New life planned, awaited and dreamt, lingers in her mind.
Away, with a stranger, drowned in his love, she has to ride;
Leaving her parents, keeping her freedom, forever aside.

As a devoted wife she sometimes has to weep;
But the love in her husband's eyes is deep, so deep.
Happy with his success and troubled with his worries;
She moulds all his sorrows into worth remembering merries.
With quarrelling, consoling and again adjusting, goes on her life.
She is a life-long friend, a true companion, a perfect wife.

But as a loving mother, she always keeps a smile;
Her emotions are changed by the little-one, in a while.
Her nights are spent awake, troubled during his sickness;
Now she lives for his sake, his future is her happiness.
His smile makes her happy, his crying gives her worry;
She is a new soul today, her feelings are imaginary.

Now, she realizes, this world gave her everything,
The short span of her life proved the sweetest thing.
All kinds of relations she made and kept them near and dear;
But the most true, her best friend, always proved her tear.
Tears always remained with her, shared all her emotions;
Wept in her sorrow, and rolled-down in her happiness.

When her need is no more, she sheds her last tear saying………
"Goodbye, goodbye everyone, now I'm leaving!!!!"

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Mehakta Anchal said...

Assalaam O Alikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu :)

a wonderful poem again! SubhanAllah....
tears....i mean cheers :P
keep it up :D
but i wish theses tears were always those shed during unimaginable happiness!!
May Allahswt bless you with the best in both the worlds..Ameen :)

I am nobody, but a stranger, only a simple wayfarer,
My journey is this life till I reach the Hereafter..
Traveling all along the footsteps of my Teacher
For I have to, in time, reach the destination promised by MY