Thursday, November 08, 2007

A Father

Abu Darda (RZA) narrates that he heard the Prophet (saws) saying: Father is the middle gate of Jannah. It is upon you whether you are wasting that gate or saving it.
(TIRMIDHI: 1900)

Abdullah s/o 'Amr (RZA) narrates that the Prophet (saws) said: The pleasure of Allah lies in the pleasure of father and the anger of Allah lies in the anger of father.
(TIRMIDHI: 1899)

What exactly do we need to do to SAVE that gate? What is that we need to do to PLEASE Allah? What does the father expect from the child? It is not expensive gifts or loads of money! THAT gate can be saved and the Almighty will remain forever pleased, if we just TRY to repay 1% of what the father has done for us from childhood till today!

We can't repay those sleepless nights when he cudn't sleep when we had fever. Can't repay those tiresome walks to school when he came to pick us when it rained sudenly and we might have got drenched! Can't repay THAT price of that new dress he bought for us not caring that he had to buy something for himself. Can't repay those evenings when he was tired and needed rest but still helped us solve maths problems or those when he played with us, not complainign of his tiredness but smiling to see us happy.

Can't repay.............................
Can't repay.....................
and CAN'T REPAY anything at all!!!

Can we at least be the reasons for his smile when he has grown old? Can we at least be an assurance to him that his old age will not be a burden to us, instead we shall cherish him and treasure him, Insha Alah, forever? Can we at least ask him once in a while, how is he keeping? Can we at least make him feel that we love him? Can we at least make him feel that his presence adds to our joys and his absence makes us miss him the most? He always tried to give us reasons to smile and bring every possible happiness to us.. NOW, CAN WE AT LEAST TAKE AWAY THE REASONS THAT MAY GIVE HIM PAIN AND SEE THAT HE IS NEVER EVER HURT???

(May Allah give Jannat an opportunity to please her papa and please the Almighty, AMEEN... SUMMA AMEEN)

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Mehakta Anchal said...

Assalaam O Alikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu...

Ameen Summa Ameen! to All the Duas above (including the one in the Comments )

May AllahSwt Bless Jannat with such wonderful reasons to make Her papa Smile always *even* through Difficult times...InshAllah!
Ameen Summa Ameen'

How can one forget the Number of sacrifices they have gone through to bring us up? can we get that selfish? how can just our happiness matter most?Parents are blessings.We all will be going through the same phase,inshAllah...So what it is like to be a parent,To love unconditionally..And just want the happiness of their kids in return.
And when it comes to the Kids part to *repay* (Just keeping them happy)seems so hard?eh? *hard?*
we must keep in mind...
"So shall we reap what we shall sow"

Wassalaam Alikum
Allah Hafiz

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My journey is this life till I reach the Hereafter..
Traveling all along the footsteps of my Teacher
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