Friday, November 09, 2007

Is it.....???

Why does this happen sometimes that we smile, but know not if we are happy and then sometimes we are happy, but can't smile? Sometimes the happness seems so short-lived that the happy moments bring along with them a kind of pain, which does not let us be happy for the present too!

Is it the fear of losing something or eagerness to get something that makes us so uneasy? Is it the faith in the Almighty that makes us think of future and guide our present actions or the devil's ploy that distracts us and tries to empty the present? Is it being far-sighted? Or is it adding TOOOOOO to that far-sightedness? We know that life may end any moment... Then why is it not possible to THANK the ALMIGHTY for the present whole heartedly and stop worrying about the future? Is it not posible to let PRAYERS take over the WORRYING part?

We try not to be selfish and in being so, do we become ungrateful sometimes? We try to be good and not to take things in our hands, for we believe that only the Almighty can shape the events correctly and give them the right direction! TRUE!! But in doing so, do we leave the things that HE wants us to go for?

Every good or bad that happens, we call it destiny. But how can we forget that, THAT Divine Decree is not of our knowledge. THe ONE who has made it, wants us to use the best of our thinking and abilities, and then let it unfold, then be happy with whatever comes before! Doing something and regretting gives us pain, but the regret that is because of NOT doing something is truly more painful.. When we sit back and think, we do realise that HE wants us to make decisions.. But when we have to make one, we sometimes leave it completely on HIM! Here, do we forget that We should tie up the camel first and then place the trust in ALLAH!


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Mehakta Anchal said...

Assalaam O ALikum warahmatullahi wabarkatuhu....

MAshAllah, well expressed :)
Must i say i feel the same???
the same thoughts, intervine?
Very true jannat! Very true....
SubhaanAllah a wonderful read :)

jzakAllahu Khairan for the wonderful Article :)

Mat Allahswt guide us through every decision And take care of our affairs.Ameen Summa Ameen

Wassalaam Alikum
Allah Hafiz

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