Monday, March 31, 2008

Relationships are like glass...

"Good to see, nice to hold... But if broken, we consider it sold"

I had read this for the first time in a shopping mall, some 10 years back. A 13 year old at that time, I just smiled and moved on...

"Relationships are like glass. It is better to leave them broken, than to hurt yourself by putting the pieces together."

After 9(+) years when I read this quote, that glassware corner flashed through my mind all of a sudden. And I found this quote totally incomplete! (Well, I had read it in some other place, not on this broken window pane and it didn't contain the word "sometimes").

A thing, which is made of glass is handled with utmost care. The more precious it is, more careful the owner gets. Its lifted very gently, admired with a smile, and is shown to others with pride. Such a concern for a lifeless thing! How many times do you look into THE GLASS(?)??? (Just coz its coated, we call it a mirror :D) In our BUSYYYY lives we do get at least 5 minutes out of every 24 hours t have a look at our physical appearance.

Is not "a relationship" more precious than the most expensive thing made of glass? Are we not supposed to be very careful in handling that precious bond? Even the relationship (which is, of course, made of glass) needs gentle care, appreciation and to be the reason of pride to those involved. If it is TRULY handled carefully, very less are the chances of its breaking, unless it is destined to break! Can we do something to turn our relationships into mirrors? In fact, a relationship is that mirror which helps a person to see his inner-self. So, lets start the process of silvering our relationships. (SILVERING is the term coined due to the fact that SILVER was the most popular mirror-backing some hundred years ago). We are what our character is, and the best way to examine our character is to view it in the mirror of relationships

And when it breaks... Are we to sweep away the glass pieces? When a glass object breaks, which is very very close to our hearts, we really get mad for that moment! Though we know we can't do anything, the first thing that comes to our mind is, "can it be fixed?" Doesn't the bond made of glass, called relationship, between living beings need concern? Imagine yourself in a situation while getting ready for school/work. Your mirror breaks! Now, no matter how well you groom yourself, can you step out with that confidence as you would after having that last minute look at yourself? Then how can one move on after breaking the mirror, which reflects his character? Witout looking at those flaws (if any) and without beautifying ur inner-self, how can you move on in life???

When a relationship breaks, and YOU ARE THE ONE RESPONSIBLE, pick those glass pieces, each one of them, and put them together! That pain and those wounds are worth the beauty, which that bond of glass can add to your life when it is built again! If not, it will at least serve as a lesson for years or days or moments to come, if any...

"Relationships are, of course, like glass... So, handle them with care. Polish them and they will reflect your inner-self and help you examine your character."


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Mehakta Anchal said...

Assalaam O Alikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu :) :)

Masha'Allah! Mash'Allah :) :) :)
Another of your Mind blowing posts ;)
(yaar am out of words....i mean i ...cant put to words how beautiful this Post is :) )

Loved it :)& Loved it more ;)

JazakAllahu Khairan :)
Wassalaam Alikum
Allah Hafiz :)

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