Friday, April 04, 2008

Verbal bullets!

Words are like bullets. They can never be taken back. Once out, they hit the target (wrong target at times!) Sometimes it leaves the speaker regretting for long after having said something, when he/she didn't actually want to say THAT or worse is the situation when he/she is misunderstood!

Misunderstood? The target can make the needed difference, i.e., have they reached the ears or the heart? But, strange it IS, misunderstandings always reach the heart, not ears! Heart signals the brain and perhaps the ears are closed to let in anything else! Finally... these verbal bullets do the killing!

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Mehakta Anchal said...

Assalaam O Alikum warahmatullahi wabrakatuhu :)

SubhaanAllah :) A Wonderrful post :) :)

SO true...
Some times Words can pirece the heart & such wounds often take very long time to heal & leave a lifelong scar...

To be on the safer side :)
we must remind ourselves about this Beautiful hadith :

Abu Hurairah (May Allah be pleased with him) reported: The Prophet (PBUH) said, "He who believes in Allah and the Last Day must either speak good or remain silent.''

And May Allahswt protect all our realtions (blood as well as heart relations) From misunderstandings ..Summa Ameen :)

JazakAllahu khairan for such a thought-provocking post :)

Loved it :) :) :)

Wassalaam Alikum
Allah Hafiz

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