Tuesday, January 26, 2010

A Test!

What is left is sometimes not what you had saved,
The path you are walking on is also not that you had paved...
But certainly THE Planner had planned for THE BEST,
That HE turned the events into an everlasting test...

One can only be thankful to HIM for a beautiful PAST,
No matter if everything is erased memories will always last...
If HE had chosen this path for you and you are still content,
There is ETERNAL pleasure in store for the one who is here patient!

(INSHA ALLAH, of course!)

...Umme Hashir

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

"Allah Loves those who are As-Sabirun"

I am nobody, but a stranger, only a simple wayfarer,
My journey is this life till I reach the Hereafter..
Traveling all along the footsteps of my Teacher
For I have to, in time, reach the destination promised by MY