Tuesday, April 19, 2011

...the Date with My LOVE

Morning, noon, evening and night...
This has been for years my plight!
The days seem so short, so boring,
I long for the day that has no ending!

The day hotter than the hottest summer,
Each moment millions longing for a prayer..
When there would be no adhaan, no path to the masjid,
There would be no chance to become a "saajid"!

I have waited so long to be with YOU, to meet YOU,
Have desperately longed to be able to greet YOU..
In every prayer I said, I remembered YOUR saying,
I prolonged my prostration, for a "TOGETHER" feeling!

When the time for iftaar drew closer
I never remembered that I needed water,
Only this thought would at those moments prevail
"This moment between us there isn't a single veil"

Whenever I heard of a sick person,
To not visit him I entertained no reason
If the distance was too much, I at least spoke with him,
For, my LOVE, You said that You were with him!

O My Love, each moment I want to spend with You,
That longing in my heart each day just grew and grew..
From the day mum said "ALLAAH" has sent this dress for you,
Till today with my child when I prostrate before You!

I have seen selfishness at its peak in this world,
In You I have found the MOST selfless word..
When I long for some love, I find Your love embracing me,
In between those helpless sobs, I find You solacing me..

That feeling was never complete Ya Allaah!
For I knew that I needed more and more islaah...
To be with YOU I haven't prepared yet,
I am beautifying myself for that long awaited "date"!

I am exercising to shed those sins to look pleasing to You,
I am trying for purer intentions to look appealing to You..
I am striving for correct actions to wear before You,
I am working on a full make-over only for You

You have never asked for anything more than the obligatory,
But my needs have always been beyond what is satisfactory..
The depth of Your love in this can be truly measured,
To answer my supplications, the means You have all treasured!

This longing is growing stronger each day.
I want to be with you face to face on The DAY..
Oh yes, I am afraid of my graver and graver mistakes,
But You are The ONE who never a promise breaks!

Haven't You said that You listen, You pardon?
I invoke You to pardon me for every wrong action..
To forgive me for being forgetful at times,
To forgive me for being ungrateful sometimes..

My LOVE I want to stand before you on The Date,
With a pure record, with a blessed fate..
I want that book you have carefully preserved,
To be given in my right hand, make me so deserved...

Ya ALLAAH! I want to see You with these eyes...
Only in that blessed sight truly all my pleasure lies!
And when You see me standing before You,
I wish You are pleased with my love for YOU


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