Friday, May 23, 2014

A gift of Destiny..

Why does life show the unexpected suddenly?
Why does it not ever run smoothly?
Why does one have to accept the unacceptable?
Why are things never ever predictable?
Life doesn't show unexpected if you expect nothing from the Creation
It would run forever smoothly if Taqwa is your strongest emotion
Nothing is unacceptable if you believe that Allaah gives for a reason
Predictable should be a believer's faith that Allaah takes away for a reason!

Belief in Allaah is complete when confusions make it stronger
That faith of a believer alone makes one to Allaah dearer
Trials erupt and end, afflictions come and go
Patience in such trying times makes Eemaan grow

After miles of treading the barren lands
Sticking to the Guidance, Adhering to His Commands
When a believer is confronted with yet another calamity
Its a gift of Destiny, another test from the Almighty

... UmmHashiR

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I am nobody, but a stranger, only a simple wayfarer,
My journey is this life till I reach the Hereafter..
Traveling all along the footsteps of my Teacher
For I have to, in time, reach the destination promised by MY