Tuesday, November 21, 2017

A Love Story

A perfect match, he looked so keen
To hold her hand in completing half his Deen
She was shattered by the stroke of fate
Her life seemed a used and wiped-off slate

She fell down broken on the floor
She was not her real self anymore
Amidst her helpless sobs in Sujood
She found The Most Loving - Al-Wudood

He said, “I saw you walking and came to you running
You mentioned Me here and I mentioned you in My Gathering
Annoyed I am to see you cry for one who doesn’t bother
Here I am Who loves you much more than your mother!

He wrapped her in His Love and reminded
"This world is temporary, do not be blinded
Why is your heart broken? What does it yearn?
To Me you belong and unto Me is your return!

“Your beauty is not for the eyes which do not see
The modesty and obedience that has enveloped thee
Human - the best of My Creations, I designed with no error
The Infallible Creator, I am Al-Musavvir - The Fashioner, The Former”

“Do not get disheartened, keep no more those grudges
Your matter is in My hands, I am the Best of Judges
Justice awaits you there, where you would need it the most
In the safest of places, where I will be your Host.”

He gave her the strength needed to stand
He said, “It’s My will where I made you to land
The world isn’t over with the detestable Talaq
I am sufficient for you, I am Al-Khaliq, Ar-Razzaq!”

With tears of repentance she begged, “Forgive me
Al-Afuwwu consoled her, “I love to pardon and I pardon thee
Remember, My Mercy prevails over My Wrath 
I will never let you choose the wrong path.”

“Fulfill the task for which I have chosen thee 
Raise a soul who would forever gladden Me
I blessed you truly when I made you a mother 
Gave you a status so high, a relation like no other!”

"The life of this Duniya is never easy, it is a test
Follow the Sunnah of My beloved (pbuh), who was the best
Keep The Book in practice and be the safest
Verily, only in My Remembrance would you find rest"

“This world is a prison for every believer
You are certainly not an exception either
If you remain patient here and seek help through salaah
The day you meet Me, I promise you Jannah”

“My Jannah is amazing, you will have such delights there
You would wish to return and have more plights here
For every hardship you face here, be it a tiny prick
I guarantee a reward unseen, a gift really unique”

“It would not matter to you where you had before been
For in Jannah are things never heard, never seen
The struggles and pains are confined to this Duniya
I promise contentment for you if you make it to Jannah.”

“The path to Jannah is difficult but straight 
Follow my commands to find yourself at the gate 
I know your unfurled plans took a wrong spin 
But a companion isn’t really needed to *make it in*”

“There, I promise you a handsome and loving companion
An unmatched tranquility and an everlasting union
Singing My praises, He would forever cherish thee
He would never ever think of  “setting you free””

“I promise you comfort and luxuries to eternally last
I promise you palaces very huge, very vast
I promise you treasures that no queen has ever acquired
And rewards many which no heart has ever desired”

His love made her realise her worth
Stronger than ever she set forth
Towards the Best of Places which He has made
Longing for a spot under His shade

Through Him she understood what true love is
It is to care for Aakhirah - the eternal bliss
He stayed with her in every moment of solitude
In every phase of her life showed an apt Attribute

Her heart still aches when she raises hands in Dua
She longs to love Him more by increasing in Taqwa
A true love story never ends, it continues in Jannah
Blessed she is to have all around her the love of Allaah!


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