Monday, November 20, 2017

Dreams & Reality

She recalls as a child when her grades in Maths were getting worse, she wished it was just a dream. She wished that she could soon wake up to the start of a new academic year and gave Maths all the extra that she could. However, the cent percent score in other subjects somehow pacified the Maths agony.

Slowly this continued with yet other things and whenever there was a disastrous happening (read a childish failure), she longed to end it with “Ah! It was only a dream...”. But this never really happened. The failures and losses were all for real and this continued to age along with her.

Without her realising this, the “I wish it was just a dream” longing grew into an adult along with her. She still sometimes closes her eyes and opens them hoping that she succeeds into turning that reality into a dream. But, now she smiles when she fails to accomplish this. Because, had it been a dream  then it wouldn’t be possible to pick a part of that dream which she would never wish to leave behind.

However, she often closes her eyes to wake up to a dream...

She often wishes that certain things were but a dream...



Anonymous said...

Last few posts on this blog have been really heart touching. keeping the sad part aside, you are a very talented writer. Keep it up! God bless you !

UmmHashir Firdaus said...

:) Thank You

I am nobody, but a stranger, only a simple wayfarer,
My journey is this life till I reach the Hereafter..
Traveling all along the footsteps of my Teacher
For I have to, in time, reach the destination promised by MY