Friday, November 24, 2017

Gift of Allaah

It was on the 4th of March, 2009
I got the news like a breeze from heaven
Allaah has been so pleased with me
That He would soon unite me with thee :-)

I felt like how you do when you see ice-cream
 Like how you wake up from your favourite dream
Like a promise for a long-long Funtime spree
Perhaps, more like your smile when you are with me :-)

At first it was a very difficult mission
I was in a little unpleasant situation
But when I thought of our meeting day
I strongly started to walk along the way :-)

The best of moments was when I saw
My forming baby, I was in complete awe
That ultrasound photo which showed no face
It filled me with gratitude for Allaah’s grace :-)

The next to come was a soul-treat
When I was told that you had a heart-beat
All my worries I simply covered and put aside
All I knew was that now I had my true heart inside :-)

Yes, things were tough and I was weak
Chances of our meeting they said were bleak
 Bed-ridden for months I only lived praying
My heart only beat when I felt you moving :-)

People said things that made me sad
For many things I kept feeling really bad
But my faith in Allaah never became dim
I knew that you are safe because I only called HIM :-)

I remember the day when you arrived
Proving the world wrong, both of us survived
Our meeting was such a blessing from our Lord
To describe it I have no example, no word :-)

My darling, never say that I would do without thee
You are not a baby, you are Allaah’s Gift to me
The world sees that you are born to me
Actually, that day Ummi was born to thee
:-) :-) :-)


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Anonymous said...

So lovely Mashallah :)

May Allah always protect you both.

I am nobody, but a stranger, only a simple wayfarer,
My journey is this life till I reach the Hereafter..
Traveling all along the footsteps of my Teacher
For I have to, in time, reach the destination promised by MY