Sunday, November 26, 2017

Not all questions have answers

Certain questions do not have answers. When we try to find answers to these questions, they get even more complicated. They confuse us so much that we forget to concentrate on things which matter. A part of our faith is to leave things which do not matter to us. But it is really heart-breaking when we have to sometimes leave things which do matter, perhaps matter the most. 

And  the  weighing  [of  deeds]  that  Day  will  be  the  truth.  So  those  whose  scales  are heavy  -   it  is  they  who  will  be  the  successful. And  those  whose  scales  are  light  -   they  are  the  ones  who  will  lose  themselves  for  what injustice  they  were  doing  toward  Our  verses."

[Al-'A'raf: Verses 8-9]

Verses such as these are the only source of hope. Imminent is the arrival of The Day when certain things will be clear. All our questions will be answered there.

But, would those answers be needed then?
Will these questions keep haunting us till then?
A very heavy part of the heart would be relieved That Day.
In sha Allaah, of course!  

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My journey is this life till I reach the Hereafter..
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