Friday, December 15, 2017

Can’t ignore? Pray!

Things which do not matter to you can be easily ignored. Difficult is the situation when you need to ignore it but you can’t. Mind can easily ignore anything when it decides to.  But if your heart is connected then it becomes difficult.

Then what can we do in a situation when it is not possible to ignore something? The answer is simple. When you can’t ignore, pray. 

It will hurt you more if you try to ignore something attached to your heart. So, pray for ease. Pray for relief. Pray for peace. 

It is not that a bothersome situation is powerful enough to lead to your self-destruction. But the belief that it happened for a wrong reason is what ruins you. Instead, know that it happened for the most correct  of all reasons. It happened because it was written. It happened because He caused it to happen. 

Pray for this faith. Once you reach this level of contentment then there would be tears when you are hurt, but those will be tears of pain - He loves them. They will not be the tears of resentment of His Qadr. Pray with the tears that are dearest to Him. He will ease things for you. 
Maybe tomorrow, but certainly.
Pray. Pray with faith. Pray with hope. 


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