Friday, December 01, 2017

Make memories carefully

People talk of future planning, insurances, interest-based loans etc etc and all this is to prepare for a better future - a beautiful tomorrow. Tomorrow is not promised to anyone, yet we work to make ours a satisfying one but through means which can never satisfy. 

While working to make tomorrow a success, often we live our lives as if there is no tomorrow. We forget that there will be a tomorrow in our dealings with others. We forget that the actions that we take today and the decisions that we make today would define our future, rather the future of many people connected to us. 

Your today will live on as a memory. Even if you do not get to witness the tomorrow, your today will live on as a tomorrow in many lives. So, while you are still making memories, make them to look back and smile. Take “Today” as an opportunity to create a beautiful memory for “Tomorrow”. 

About yesterday - it has passed. Past can’t be relived. But it can’t even be removed. The remains of yesterday, if any, are your achievements that define your success, they are your opportunities to rectify your mistakes.

Your memories are not only what has passed. You are living your future memories today. Your memories can either be haunting for the rest of your life, or they can be relaxing to encourage you to prepare for the after-life.

You are making memories, anyway.
Make them carefully.

~ UmmHashiR 

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