Monday, December 11, 2017


Before leaving for his evening Arabic class my champ just told me that he was born in the 9th month of both the calendars and the date also just interchanged it’s digits for Arabic/Urdu.

Wow! Ma sha Allaah! Tabaarak Allaah! This never crossed my mind before :)

It reminded me of something. But, when something symmetrically apt becomes asymmetrical we should perhaps let it retain its symmetry by shedding off what it can’t any longer match. Allaah’s ways are mysteriously right. I somehow love symmetry and whenever I found something losing its symmetry, ever since a small child as I recall, I would remove an element to retain its symmetry. Adding was not always possible. But removing was almost always easy. But that little girl did not know that she is being trained by her Lord to help retain a symmetry for life by substracting elements very precious to her.

Okay! So let’s get back to life - We sure do learn a lot from our children - my son teaches me looking at things from an entirely different angle. Love him for what he is. Love him more for how he amazes me with everything he does or says 💕 💗❤️ 👩‍👦


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