Saturday, March 21, 2020

Yaa Ayyuhal Lazeena Aamanoo!!!

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم 

The EMPTY Masjid An-Nabawi ﷺ  reminds YOU - Yaa ayyuhal lazeena aamanoo! 
In these terms of love, reprimanding and guidance your Rabb has addressed you
THE MAGNIFICENT CREATOR of the universe has directly spoken to you
He has guided you and reminded you that HIS Promise of The Eternity is True! 

This Masjid - the structure raised by the beloved of Allaah 
The place on earth that contains one of the Gardens of Jannah
Has Allaah despised you so much, knowing you would make no Islaah?
HE decided to cleanse it of YOU -  HE is never ever in need of your Salaah! 

Isn’t it most humiliating to note that the doors of Baitullaah
Have been closed for you today - the BEST of creations of Allaah?
Isn’t it most degrading to know that in this Sacred Month of Allaah 
Your prayers are confined to YOUR HOMES - you are banned from the Houses of Allaah!?

“Pray in your homes” - shattering hearts hearing the weeping voices 
The sobs and tears of the Imaams, while Iblees rejoices 
The helplessness echoes in the heart of every Musalli behind
And every listener present on this earth - worshipper of The Most Kind! 

The ONE Who is the Most Merciful - closer than your jugular vein 
The ONE Whose infallible dominance would eternally reign 
The ONE Who understands even when you do not explain
The ONE Who is The Most Powerful - HE caused and increased for you this pain! 

It’s time to introspect and make the needed amends and rectifications!
How great are those sins which have belittled your prostrations! 
Your Lord isn’t pleased anymore with mere Dhikr and Salutations!
HE wants HIS command of ilm to be reflected in your implementations! 

You have already been confined to your temporary dwellings on earth 
Maintaining relations is virtual now - do you now realise their worth? 
Huqooq Al-Ibaad was never a priority that you chose to put forth
Your hoardings here are leading you towards an eternal season of dearth!

These invisible soldiers of Allaah are enough to scare you of death!
If a virus is so powerful, then imagine the angels whom HE created!
Fear not these sufferings or scarcities, fearful is the Sakaraat Al-Maut! 
LIVE righteously NOW - who knows the next could be your last breath!

Turn to Allaah, before you return to HIM - not Time, but this Life flies 
Prepare yourself for the eternal one - where one lives on and on, never dies! 
Yaa ayyuhal lazeena aamanoo! Protect yourself and your families 
From a Fire whose fuel is people and stones - The Reminder which never lies! 

~ UmmHashiR 

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