Saturday, April 18, 2020

Ramadaan 1441 - A blessing for the Shackled Ummah!

The Greatest Month of Allaah - prescribed for HIS slaves to become righteous
Wherein every sincere action is more rewarding, more virtuous
The month in which the Devils are chained to make the believers victorious
This month has approached the shackled Ummah, seemingly religious

In this fast pacing  world we have belittled the obligations
We are either indulging in or silently tolerating the innovations
The essence of Tawheed has been lost in tricky associations
Our society has turned into a platform of misguidance for generations

Ibaadah has turned monotonous today and Riya makes us energetic
The ever-increasing love for wealth has coloured our charities mere cosmetic
Display of Akhlaaq is for Public gatherings, while our domestic dealings are pathetic
Our Merciful Rabb is so displeased with us that HE has caused this Pandemic!

The Month of Blessings this year has refused our usual welcoming
It says no to decorations and it has restricted every gathering
It has blessed us with an opportunity to cleanse our souls while fasting
An Ideal Ramadaan is planned for us - with no partying, no shopping!

Ya Allaah! Ya Rehmaan! Help us to draw closer to YOU by increasing our Eemaan
Ya Fattah! Ya Wahhaab! Help us to defeat our Nafs, free us from the traps of Shaytaan
Ya Muqallib Al-Quloob! Mould our hearts that they absorb the guidance of Qur’an
Ya Affuwwu! Ya Ghaffaar! You love to forgive -  make us sinless as newborns this Ramadaan!
(Ameen Ya Rabb)


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