Saturday, October 17, 2020

Colours seen with blind eyes...

Oh blessed humans, with two beautiful eyes 

To see things that colour this world so nice 

Did you ever wonder what eyes mean to the blind?  

How he only imagines things of different kind? 

Similar is the case of an orphan child

He knows not how a parent is mild 

Nor does he know what disciplining is 

Nor does he know what true upbringing feels

Similar is the case of a Muslim widow, a divorcee

In a companion not a physical entity does she see

To her, love is a treasure  - a beautiful soul that her Rabb has kept hidden

Her heart prays for togetherness with this precious eternal companion 

Similar is the case of a terminally ill patient

He knows that there is no cure, he longs for a treatment

Although he knows that his true home is the Aakhirah

He wishes to spend more time with his family in this Duniya  

Before you form an opinion about a have-not

O blessed servant of the Almighty, forget this not

The conclusions sometimes we make about one’s whims and desires 

We may misjudge colours seen with blind eyes!

~ ⬛️UmmHashiR⬛️

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